Aaron Clippinger has been searching for the perfect way to organize and efficiently run a company for the last 20 years. Just like the perfect golf swing, it can be obtained ever so briefly and then it is lost only to be sought after again. Through his journey he has tackled embezzlement, HR, recessions, and a changing market to name a few. Coming out on top each time, his strategy is proven over and over.

In 2009, Aaron went looking for a software system to help organize his company. When the solution did not exist, he took it upon himself to build the perfect software for the custom manufacturing world. A place to store data and manage every project in a simplified manner even though the project itself was far from normal. During the development and implementation of the software around the world, the coaching sessions led to some great discoveries of streamlining companies. These companies gained an edge on the competition. “

On a Mission to Educate

Aaron’s purpose is scaling small business. His experience is with working with small business owners who have a passion for their companies but ARE NOT getting the results they desire. With some trade secrets and a little elbow grease, we are maximizing the profits of these companies.

Armed with an accounting degree and with 20+ years of cost accounting experience, Aaron will use every bit of it to help your business succeed. Unbiased business and financial advice, analysis and education will help you find the joy in your business again.

Aaron believes that a rising tide floats all ships. He is that rising tide. He is an entrepreneur, coach and disruptive software industry expert. With his software and coaching, he is on a mission to help educate the now and future owners of business on the do’s and don’ts of scaling their companies.